Gas Spring 1
    Point Enlargement
    Product Name : Gas Spring 1
    Product Description

    The standard Gas Spring is the most commonly applied Linear Actuator. The cost is of course much lower than Spring Stopper Adjuster (Mechlok) and Gas Spring Stopper.


    Specifications :   

    • The diameter of Outer Tube: 22.5MM
    • The diameter of Piston Rod: 10MM
    • Stroke: Customize according to your need
    • Thrust: Min. 6KG, Max. 140KG.
    • End Fitting: Standardized end fittings for choices
    • Finishing: Black coating / Chrome plating
    • Operation Life Expectancy: Under testing
    • Sliding Friction: Less than 3KG
    • Net Weight: Around 0.52KG
    * The above statistics in the description is based on the testing result of TKGS-F02F03-282-120-40.
    ** In order to smooth the process of customization, we will be very appreciative of your help if you could provide us a detailed drawing (draft).

    If a detail drawing (draft) is available, it’ll be easier for our evaluation.

    Standard End Fittings :


    Order Example :


    TKGS - F02F03 - 282 - 120 - 40
    Gas Spring   End Fitting(Top&End)   Outer Tube Length (mm)   Stroke (mm)   Thrust (KG)

    Please choose what you need step by step.
    If you need any assistance, welcome to send us an inquiry.

    Comparison with Gas Spring & Spring Stopper Adjuster


    Gas Spring


    Spring Stopper Adjuster

    Gas Spring Stopper


    - Strong thrusting force

    - Stop easily without any bouncing
    - No air & oil leakage

    - Combine advantages of Gas Spring
    and Spring Stopper Adjusters.


    -Oil and air leakage reduce
    its thrusting force as time goes by.
    -Bounce when stopped.

    - No thrusting force
    (Except Series TKS-P07)

    - There is a limit to the minimum length (Total length cannot be too short since there must be a“stopper”section added).