Point Enlargement
    Product Name : Gas Spring Stopper TKGSS
    Product Description

    - Combines mechanical lock and gas spring

    - Offers locking function with thrust force

    - Able to remain the locking function when gas leaks

    - Stable performance compared to lockable gas spring




    Number of Gas Spring Stopper  Series: TKGSS 

    1. The outer tube type: 153mm + stroke

    2. Choose the end fitting: F01~F06

    3. Stroke (Customized according to your demand)

    4. Choose the switch type:

        R1 parallel release / R2 perpendicular release / R3 plastic lever

    5. Switch direction: Left / Right

    6. Finish: Black coating / Chrome plating



    proimages/R1.jpgR1 parallel release

    proimages/R2.jpgR2 perpendicular release

    proimages/R3.jpgR3 plastic lever




    Q1. What is mechanical lock (spring stopper adjuster)? Is this same as the gas spring?

    A1. It is a linear actuator which comprises the locking springs, the rod, outer tube, actuator lever and the attached ends. You can use mechanical lock to lock the stroke rigidly in any position. Mechanical lock doesn’t have air and oil leakage issues compared to gas spring. It can be applied to anywhere you want to adjust the linear position without any bouncing force (a gas spring commom problem).

    Q2. What is gas spring stopper?

    A2. It combines gas spring and mechanical lock. It has not only the strong thrusting force like gas spring but also rigid locking when exact position is necessary. Gas spring stopper makes a rigid mechanical locking connection with thrust force from

    Q3. What is the difference between mechanical lock and gas spring stopper?

    A3. The gas spring stopper is much longer than the mechanical lock since it combines two parts (gas spring & mechanical lock) together. The gas spring stopper can be applied to the function which requires a force to lift an upwards opening or any loads. The mechanical lock can minimize the length much shorter than the gas spring stopper. It can be applied to the function which needs no force or thrust while locking the stroke rigidly in any position.

    Q4. What is the difference between gas spring stopper and lockable gas spring?

    A4. Both provide thrust forces to lift loads smoothly and effortlessly. However, lockable gas spring will fail if it wears resulting in air leakage. Our Gas Spring Stopper can still have the locking function controlled by the mechanical lock even when small quantities of air may leak as a sign of wear after lengthy periods of use

    Q5. Can you offer some standard products as samples?

    A5. All of our products are customized and the design is based on what our customers want to apply to. So we don’t have any standard product because the dimensions differ from every single demand. You can provide the information about the applications and your design to us, then we can offer you the samples for review.