Point Enlargement
    Product Name : TKS-P01
    Product Description

    Spring Stopper Adjuster (Mechlok) is a linear actuator which comprises the piston rod, the cylinder (outer tube), locking springs, the switch and the attached end fittings. It is a mechanical lock which could operate during a We have basic models of TKS-P01~P09. Each has almost


    Specifications :

    • The Length of Outer Tube: Min. 103MM
    • Stroke: Customize according to your need
    • End Fitting: Standardized end fittings for choices
    • Switch: Parallel vs. Perpendicular vs. Plastic Switch
    • Finishing: Black coating / Chrome plating
    • Operation Life Expectancy: Under testing
    • Compression Load Capacity: 300kg
    • Tension Load Capacity: 300kg
    • Sliding Friction: Less than 3KG
    • Net Weight: Around 0.53KG
    * The above statistics in the description is based on the testing result of TKS-P01-F06(M10)-222-112-R2.
    ** In order to facilitate the process of customization, we will be very appreciative of your help if you could provide us a detailed drawing (draft).

    If a detail drawing (draft) is available, it’ll be easier for our evaluation.

    Standard End Fittings :


    Switch :


    Order Example :


    TKS - P01 - F06(M10) - 222 - 112 - R2
    Spring Stopper Adjuster   Series   End Fitting (M10)   Outer Tube Length (mm)   Stroke (mm)   Perpendicular

    Please review what you need step by step.
    If you need assistance, welcome to send us an inquiry.