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Fogim Enterprise Corporation was established in 2005 and is the independent international trade department derived from Tsun Kong Mechanical Industrial Corporation Ltd. The main character of Fogim is to distribute and to promote the products of Tsun Kong all over the world. Tsun Kong Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1978. As time goes by, Tsun Kong has held the field for 30 years and stays calm in the competitive market. The reason is that Tsun Kong has a powerful developing ability and mechanical techniques. The abundant experiences and skills in iron-tubing furniture, machinery components and auto parts make many customers have confidence in our products.


Moreover, Fogim could also be the intermediary between our customers and other suppliers. Searching for the suppliers and purchasing what customers need are available services in Fogim. Our customers spread over many countries including USA, JAPAN, THAILAND, AUSTRIALIA, CANADA, BRAZIL, DEMARK, CZECH REPUBLIC, ITALY, SWEDEN, ARGENTINA ,etc. We cherish our customers very much. Every comment from our customers is welcomed and could be taken as the motivation for our improvement.


It’s moderate to say that we are a professional manufacturer of gas springs and Spring Stopper Adjusters (Mechlok). The production line of Gas Spring had been started since the foundation of Tsun Kong. In 1988, we proceeded to produce Spring Stopper Adjuster, Gas Spring Stopper, Gas Lift and Oil damper. Being a veteran in the harsh business market, the possession of appropriate competence qualifies us as a superior. As a manufacturer for so many years, we enjoy our customers’ trust and confidence. Sincerely treating our customers as friends is the way and only way to keep them.

Gas Spring Manufacturer in Taiwan

Fogim Enterprise Corporation is a company specialized in Gas Spring, Linear Actuator, Lockable Gas Spring and Gas Lift. Our products are widely applied to Adjustable Beds, Wheelchairs, Electric Scooters, Office Chairs, Hospital Carts, Bus Chairs, and Bicycle Handle Sets. As a leading Gas Spring manufacturer, we constantly improve our technique and technology. The products from Fogim Enterprise Corporation are all with high quality but at reasonable price. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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